Posted on : 31/08/22

Get Ready For GVG!

Upcoming, there will be a GVG Tournament (Guild vs Guild). In order to qualify for the tournament, Guilds have to compete in this War of Emperium event to secure a place.

Only 16 guilds will rise through this WoE event for this upcoming GvG Tournament.


  • There are 4 Designated Castles at every Session
  • Capture 1 Designated Castle at the end of the Session to qualify in GvG Tournament


  • Saturday, 03 Sept 2022 (2100 - 2300 hrs)
  • Tuesday, 06 Sept 2022 (2100 - 2300 hrs)
  • Saturday, 10 Sept 2022 (2100 - 2300 hrs)
  • Tuesday, 13 Sept 2022 (2100 - 2300 hrs)



  • A Guild only need to capture 1 castle in the WoE event. Any attempts to capture another Designated Castle while already qualified will result in disqualification.
  • At the end of WoE event, there will be 16 different Guilds qualified to participate.
  • Guild must be Lv. 10 and above to qualify in GVG Tournament.
  • All 7 members must have characters Base Lv. 150 and above.
  • All 7 members must be from the same guild.
  • All 7 members must be of different GNJOY ID.


  • If a guild captures 2 or more of the designated castles throughout the WoE session, the guild will be disqualified. (E.g: If a guild captured a designated castle in session 1 and capture another designated castle in session 3, the guild will be disqualified)
  • If any qualified guild is found to prevent, attempt, obstruct or disrupt other guilds in their attempt to capture a designated castle during any of the WoE session, the qualified guild actions will be reviewed and could warrant a disqualification.


  • Qualified guilds shall be announced within 2 working days.
  • Guild Leader to submit details of 7 guild members within 2 days after qualifying.
  • Of the 7 guild members, there must be an appointed Guild Leader.
  • Guild Leader is to submit the name list which include IGN and Character Level.
  • Submission of the name list will be done through GGH official team submission form below.
  • If an submitted account is banned before the start of the tournament, the account will be considered disqualified and guild leader can either replace the team member or withdraw the team submission.
  • Guild Leaders have the responsibility to ensure that their participating members do not submit in another team's application.


For qualified guilds which have secured 1 Designated Castle, please fill in this form within 2 days after your WoE session:

Please ensure information provided is accurate. Any inaccurate information will lead to disqualification.


  • During this event, if there is a major irreversible bug that seriously affects the outcome of the battle result or factor related to the event, GGH has the right to remove the guild’s qualification for the winnings and also the right to disregard the result of the battle on that day, GGH may also re-adjust the event timing and mechanics in such event.
  • If a player uses 3rd party program, changes the game client files, or anything that affects the fairness of the game and GGH confirms that it is true, GGH has the right to disqualify a guild.
  • In event where a winning character is deleted, it will be considered as giving up the winning prize.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the event may be postponed or cancelled.
  • Always refer to the latest announcement on the official website for any changes to the event detail.
  • If you have any questions during the event, please contact us through our Ragnarok Online GGH Inquiry Web Form on our official website.
  • In the event where there are less than 16 Guilds qualified through the War of Emperium Event, GGH reserves the right to make the selection for the outstanding places through the guilds registered in the game.
  • GGH reserves the rights to modify the above event content.
  • GGH reserves the rights to qualify or disqualify a team at any instance before the start of the tournament.