Posted on : 17/11/22

Event Period: 17 Nov to 15 Dec 2022

Requirement: Player level 60 and above

Speak to Jip sa to get daily quest: Monster Hunt Mission (resets at 0400hrs)

Jip sa can be located in all major cities.

Jip sa will seek your help to hunt monsters based on your level range. You'll need to eliminate 20 of the given monster.​

After you have completed the quest, ​speak to Deng Deng Yi to be awarded with 1x Event Token.

You can use 1x Event Token to exchange for a Taming Set.

When open, you will receive 2 random taming items and 1 random pet accessory.

Note* Once you give up on the quest, you cannot take the quest till the server reset. (resets at 0400hrs)

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