Posted on : 25/12/22

Welcome to the 2nd part of our collaboration with Ragnarok Arena!

In this event, you can obtain an exclusive costume in Ragnarok Online!

Step 1

Install ROA and create a new account

Step 2

Play ROA and reached Chapter 18 Stage 1

Step 3

After reaching Chapter 18 Stage 1, fill in this form https://gnjoy.id/roaxropc

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Reward in Ragnarok Online (ROGGH)

Exclusive Costume Preview


  • Users before 26 December with an existing account can play on a brand-new server on 26 December and reach chapter 18 stage 1 to be eligible for rewards. (make sure no account was created on that server before the event.)

Terms & Conditions

  • This event will start on 26 December 2022, and ends on 9 January 2023.
  • Rewards will be distributed on 19 January 2023.
  • Player must fill in the form with the correct information to receive the reward.
  • In order to participate in this event, players have to create a new account in Ragnarok Arena. ROA accounts created before 26 December 2022 will not be eligible.
  • The reward box can be received once per ROGGH account.
  • The costume is not tradeable but can be stored and enchanted.
  • Gravity Game Hub reserve the right to modify the content without prior notice.
  • If there are any changes or revisions to the update, please refer to the latest announcement on the official website.
  • If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact us here.
  • For more information on Ragnarok Arena, click here.