Posted on : 30/12/22

Event Period: 5 January to 2 February 2023

(Level requirement:60)

Kyoya is looking for adventurers to sign up for this year's Stamp Rally event.

Speak to Kyoya in Amatsu to get daily quest "New Year Stamp Rally".

(Daily Quest Reset at 4:00AM)

Travel to Amatsu by taking the ferry from Alberta port.

Kyoya will ask you to visit 3 random NPCs that are scattered throughout Midgard.

Each NPC will hand you 1 Lucky Pouch.

Collect all 3 Lucky Pouch as proof of your visit and return to Kyoya to earn 4 New Year Stamps and EXP.

Speak to Yumi in Amatsu to get daily buff New Year Blessings and New Year Fortune Readings.

(Daily Quest Reset at 4:00 AM)

[New Year Blessings]

50% EXP Boost, 25% Drop Rate

[New Year Fortune Readings]

Pay 10k Zeny, Yumi will give 1 fortune cookie and 1 New Year Stamp.

Use and obtain random buffs from the fortune cookie.

Collect New Year Stamps and exchange them for exclusive costumes.

Costume Preview

C Royal Rabbit Crown

C Rabbit Two Sides Up

C Rabbit Magic Hat

C Carrot In Mouth


  • New Year Blessings can be taken once per day and once per character.
    Buff will last 1 hour
  • New Fortune Readings can be taken once per day and once per character.
    Buff will last 1 hour
  • Costumes can be enchanted, and stored with Kafra.
  • Costumes are not tradeable.

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Terms & Conditions

  • This update will be available after the maintenance on 5 January 2023.
  • Fortune cookies will be removed after the event period.
  • Gravity Game Hub reserve the right to modify the content without prior notice.
  • If there are any changes or revisions to the update, please refer to the latest announcement on the official website.
  • If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact us here.