Posted on : 25/04/23

Requirement: Player level 60 and above

Looks like Meow has leaked his secret receipt for Siopao! Start the quest by speaking to him!

The Secret Ingredient

Speak to Meow the Catman to obtain the quest.

Quest will require players to gather ingredients to make siopao.

Reward: Cat Paw Ticket x5, Siopao x1 and Exp

Sweet Nyanvine Quest

Meow loves nyangvine so much that he is willing to provide a huge chunk of Experience points to any character that brings him 2 nyangvine.

Reward: Exp

This quest can be stacked with experience manuals.

Experience based on player level range.

I want my Pao Pao 

Cai the injustice favorite snack is siopao, and the only way to save him is to feed him some of that delicious pao.

Obtain Siopao from Meow the Catman as a quest reward and hand it over to Cai the Injustice.

Reward: Cat Paw Ticket x5 and EXP

​Population Control ​

Once in a while, he needs other kinds of food...

Cai the Injustice will require players to defeat 10 Les, 10 Wood Goblin, and 10 Mavka.

Reward: Cat Paw Ticket x5 and EXP

Juicy Carrots

Great Chef Rime require players to collect 5 Juicy Rainbow Carrots from White Rabbits.

Reward: Organic Wheat Flour x1 and Exp

The Great Boar Hunt

Great Chef Rime require players to hunt 10 Golden Savage in Moscovia field.

Reward: Vegetable Oil x1 and Exp

Moscovia Travel Agent

Moscovia Travel Agent will provide teleportation service to Moscovia field for 10k zeny during the event period.

Reward Exchange

Costume Preview

Costume Princess Ribbon Crown

Costume Dragon Skull

Terms & Conditions

  • This update will be available after the maintenance on 27 April 2023.
  • The event will end on 25 May 2023 after the maintenance.
  • Costumes are not tradeable and can be enchanted.
  • Costumes can be stored.
  • Gravity Game Hub reserve the right to modify the content without prior notice.
  • If there are any changes or revisions to the update, please refer to the latest announcement on the official website.
  • If you have any questions regarding this update, please contact us here.