Posted on : 12/01/24

Part 1: Getting your 1st Phoenix Cloak

Speak to Cat Burglar Selina in Pontera (217, 174) to purchase 150 ROS2023 Coin. You will need Midgard Coin to purchase it. (Midgard Coin can be obtained through gacha egg and certain events.)

When you have gathered the coins, speak to ROS2023 Valkyrie at Prontera (151, 186) to exchange for the ROS2023 C Phoenix Cloak 1.

Reward: ROS2023 Phoenix Cloak 1

Part 2: Getting your 2nd Phoenix Cloak

Speak to ROS2023 Valkyrie again and pick option “Upgrade Cloak (Part 2)”.

You will need 1000 Burning Heart, 1000 Burning Hair, 1000 Live Coal, 20 Flame Heart, 3 ROS Special Dye, 3 ROS Phoenix Gem and ROS2023 C Phoenix Cloak 1.

These materials can be obtained from monsters in Lava Dungeon or purchased from other players.

You can warp to there with World Teleport Ticket. It can be bought from the Cash Shop or obtained for free through daily login.

To get all ROS Special Dye and ROS Phoenix Gem, purchase 1 box of ROS Cloak Material Box from Cat Burglar Selina. 

When you have gathered the materials, return to ROS2023 Valkyrie and pick option “Upgrade Cloak (Part2)”. You will be rewarded with ROS2023 C Phoenix Cloak 2.

Reward: ROS2023 Phoenix Cloak 2

Part 3: Getting your 3rd Phoenix Cloak

After you have completed your second cloak, speak to ROS2023 Valkyrie and pick option “Upgrade Cloak (Part 3)”.  There are a total of 4 quests which have to be completed in order. Eliminating monsters beforehand will not count.

Quest 1: Eliminate 200 Nine Tails, 200 Headless Mule and 200 Heater

  • Nine Tails is at Payon Dungeon (pay_dun04)
  • Headless Mule is at Brasilis Field (bra_fild01)
  • Heater is at Turtle Palace (tur_dun03)

Quest 2: Eliminate 200 Banaspaty, 200 Pasana, 200 Kaho

  • Banaspaty is at Istana Cave (dew_dun02)
  • Pasana is at Morocc Sphinx Basement (in_sphinx5)
  • Kaho is at Juno Nogg Road (mag_dun01)

Quest 3: Eliminate 200 Hellhound, 200 Ferus, 200 Nightmare Minorous

  • Hellhound is at Nameless Island (nameless_n)
  • Ferus is at Hugel Abyss Lake Underground Cave 2F (abyss_02)
  • Nightmare Minorous is at Morocc Pyramid Basement 1F (moc_prydn1)

Quest 4: Eliminate 200 Salamander, 200 Kasa, 200 Imp

  • Salamander is at Thor Volcano Dungeon 3F (thor_v03)
  • Kasa is at Thor Volcano Dungeon 2F (thor_v02)
  • Imp is at Thor Volcano Dungeon 1F (thor_v01)

Once you have completed Quest 4, return to ROS2023 Valkyrie to receive ROS2023 C Phoenix Cloak 3.

Reward: ROS2023 Phoenix Cloak 3

Part 4: Getting your Final Phoenix Cloak

Speak to ROS2023 Valkyrie again and pick option “Upgrade Cloak (Part 4)”. You must have ROS2023 C Phoenix Cloak 3 in your inventory (not equipped) or she will not speak to you.

Quest 1: The Sacred Phoenix Ash

You will be given a Calm Embrace Blanket

Use the blanket to collect Phoenix Ash from Emberwing.

Emberwing and Locations

This event monster can be found in several maps. It has 1 HP and can be normally killed. Killing the monster won't grant you Phoenix Ash, instead you will have to use Calm Embrace Blanket to obtain the ash. 

  • Sograt Desert (moc_fild17)
  • Payon Forest (pay_fild09)
  • Prontera Field (prt_fild03)
  • Geffen Field (gef_fild08)
  • Mjolnir North (mjolnir_05)
  • Gonryun Field (gon_fild01)
  • Glast Heim (glast_01)
  • Comodo Papuchicha Forest (cmd_fild01)
  • Schwarzwald Guards Camp (yuno_fild09)
  • Ayothaya Field (ayo_fild01)

Collecting the Phoenix Ash

When spotted an Emberwing, use the Calm Embrace Blanket on the monster. A slot machine will appear, simply click on it and you will receive a Phoenix Ash.

Upon a successful attempt, Emberwing will despawn and you will need to look for another Emberwing. Rinse and repeat until you collect 500 ashes. (item is untradeable)

Once you have gathered all 500 ashes, return to ROS2023 Valkyrie and she will give you a Sacred Phoenix Ash

Reward: Sacred Phoenix Ash

Quest 2: Find Incendria

Check the description on Sacred Phoenix Ash and click on [Indendria]. It will show you the route to locate her. Incendria is located at Veins Field (ve_fild03 183, 239)

She will seek your assistance to find her belongings. Continue with the dialogue and pick option “You can count on me”. Doing so will warp you to an event dungeon.

Once inside the event dungeon, you will need to hunt for 3 quest items that are dropped by the event monsters.

  • Firebrand has 0.5% chance to drop Incendria’s Wand
  • Infernix has 0.5% to drop Incendria’s Ring
  • Moltar has 0.5% to drop Incendria’s Glove

(Item drop rate can be increased with the use of Bubble Gum)

Once you have gathered all 3 quest items, use one of the portals in the event map to return to Incendria. Speak to her to exchange the quest items for a Smoldering Phoenix Ash.

Reward: Smoldering Phoenix Ash

Quest 3: The Phoenix’s Rebirth

With the Smoldering Phoenix Ash with you, return to ROS2023 Valkyrie and pick option “Upgrade Cloak (Part 4)” and you be shown with a new dialogue.

The Valkyrie will now be able to combine your Smoldering Phoenix Ash and ROS2023 C Phoenix Cloak 3 into the final cloak. Continue speaking to her and you will have to option to hand over the materials. Doing so will grant you ROS2023 C Phoenix Cloak 4.

Reward: ROS2023 Phoenix Cloak 4

*Please Read

  • This event will be available until 28th March 2024
  • ROS2023 Coin and ROS Cloak Material Box will be obtainable with new methods.
  • ROS Costume Phoenix Cloaks will not be obtainable after the event has ended.
  • ROS Costume Phoenix Cloaks can be enchanted, but cannot be traded.
  • For questions or help, please contact us here