Posted on : 18/01/24

To find out what you can obtain, please download the latest information here. (updated 18 Jan 2024)

General Information

Shadow Synthesis Box is a cash item which allows you to convert 3 shadow equipment for a random shadow equipment. There is also a chance to obtain high-grade Shadow Equipment.

Buying the Box

Each box cost 50 KP in the Cash Shop.

Using the Box

1. Double-click on the Shadow Synthesis Box to open the UI. Your available shadow equipment will appear on the right-side section.

2. Double-click or drag 3 pieces of your shadow equipment to the left-side section. Once you are confirmed click on the "Make" button.

3. Upon making, the 3 shadow equipment will be consumed and you will receive 1 piece of random shadow equipment. To find out what you can receive, please scroll to the top and download the latest file.

Update details

  • Normal shadow equipment will have a higher chance to appear
  • All shadow equipment obtained through this box is tradeable
  • Shadow equipment obtained through events is not usable
  • Item list will be updated periodically