Posted on : 31/01/24

From February 10 to February 18, purchase these limited packages and receive bonus CNY Red Packet

CNY Red Packet can be used for exchanging rewards such as sealed card, equipment, costumes, consumables and crafting materials.

Flash Sale Packages

  • CNY Stat Reset Pack (1 Reset Stone and 75 CNY Red Packet - Limit 1)
  • CNY Skill Reset Pack (1 Reset Skill Stick and 75 CNY Red Packet - Limit 1)
  • CNY Nyangvine Pack (40 Nyangvine Fruit and 50 CNY Red Packet - Limit 5) 
  • CNY Siegfried Token Pack (25 Siegfried Token and 10 CNY Red Packet - Limit 20)
  • CNY Insurance Pack (25 Insurance and 10 CNY Red Packet - Limit 20)
  • CNY Almighty Pack (20 Almighty and 10 CNY Red Packet - Limit 20)
  • CNY Limit Booster Pack (20 Limit Power Booster and 10 CNY Red Packet - Limit 20)
  • CNY Infinity Drink Pack (20 Infinity Drink and 10 CNY Red Packet - Limit 20)

Reward Exchange

NPC Cat Burglar Selina at Prontera will be offering a wide variety of rewards until March 28. In this event, special rewards such as Sealed Phreeoni Card, NFS Verus Core, NFS Samuel Dress, NFS Forest Footsteps, Safe to 7 Certificates will be available for exchange.  

Costume & Equipment Preview

[Not For Sale] Costume C 99LV Mechanic Gold 

[Not For Sale] Costume Golden Eleanor Wig

[Not For Sale] Samael Dress

[Not For Sale] Forest Footsteps

[Not For Sale] Verus Core

[Not For Sale] Etran's Undershirt

Terms and Conditions

  • Packages can be purchased between February 10, 0000hrs to February 18, 2359hrs.
  • Reward exchange is available until March 28.
  • Any unused CNY Red Packet shall be removed on March 28.
  • Gravity Game Hub reserve the right to modify the content without prior notice.
  • If there are any changes or revisions to the update, please refer to the latest announcement on the official website.
  • If you face any issue with this promotion, please contact us here.