Posted on : 11/05/22

New updates

  • "Gacha Egg" has now replaced Kachua's Secret Key.
  • Ascendance Egg, Transform Scrolls and Wasteland Outlaw Box added to Cash Shop.
  • Chance to obtain Blacksmith Blessing has been increased in Ascendance Egg.
  • Fallen Angel Wing enchant NPC Dark Luhir is now available. Speak to NPC Cash Item Guide, located at prontera 137 124.
  • Daily Login Calendar for month of May.
  • Most Cash Shop items are now tradable.


  • Item options in Costume Archangeling Hat removed.
  • HD Oridecon and HD Elunium boxes removed from Cash Shop. 
  • Kachua's Secret Key removed. All unused keys will be removed, so please ensure to consume the key before the maintenance! 
  • Cash packages containing Kachua's Secret Key removed from Cash Shop. All unopen boxes will be removed. Please ensure to open these boxes before the maintenance!

Bug fixes

  • Mission Board for Level 100-110 in Eden Group is now fixed.
  • The waiting time for Energy Crystal quest from NPC Reno is now fixed. 
  • Other minor text and description fixes.