Posted on : 12/05/22

Ascendance Egg is now available in the Cash Shop till 26 May 2022!

Upon opening an Gacha egg, you will receive 2 items-a guaranteed consumable, and another item which consist of either a costume, an equipment, materials or consumables.

With new content coming up, here's your Opportunity to gear up with this Egg!

Ascendance Egg Drop List


  • Tyr's Blessing x5

Very Low Chance

  • Heart Wing Hairband [1]
  • Asgard Bless [1]
  • Safe to 9 Armor Certificate
  • Safe to 9 Weapon Certificate
  • Chilly Breath
  • Fallen Angel Wing [1]

Low Chance

  • Costume White Fox Bell Ribbon
  • Costume Super Star
  • Costume Moon and Star
  • Costume Blank Eyes
  • Costume Balloon Hat
  • Isabella Red Ear [1]
  • Angel Egg [1]
  • Blacksmith Blessing Box 3
  • Manteau of Great Nature [1]
  • Malicious Shadow Armor
  • Malicious Shadow Shield
  • Malicious Shadow Shoes
  • PecoPeco Hairband
  • Anger Seagod x6

Medium Chance

  • Long Pony Tail Box
  • Damned Shadow Shield
  • Damned Shadow Armor
  • Geist Shadow Shield
  • Geist Shadow Armor
  • Blacksmith Blessing

High Chance

  • [Egg] Breath of Dragon Cocktail x8
  • [Egg] Hwergelmir's Tonic x8
  • [Egg] LV10 Blessing Scroll x5
  • [Egg] LV10 Agi Scroll x5
  • [Egg] Songpyun x20
  • [Egg] Red Booster x5
  • [Egg] Life Insurance x5
  • Unlimited Wing of Fly 3D Box

Costume Super Star (middle)

Costume Moon and Stars (middle)


Costume White Fox Ear Bell Ribbon

Costume Balloon Hat