Posted on : 06/10/22

Event Period

  • 6 Oct 2022, 0000hrs to 13 Nov 2022, 2359hrs

Level Up Mechanics

  1. Create new character on the event date and time
  2. Level the character to Level 99
  3. Rebirth to Transcended Class
  4. Have the Transcended character reached Base Lv.80 or higher

Eligible Classes

  • Transcended Paladin
  • Transcended Minstrel
  • Transcended Gypsy
  • Transcended Professor
  • Transcended High Priest
  • Transcended Mastersmith

Transcended Paladin Reward Box

Transcended High Priest Reward Box

Note* Transcended High Priest rewards have been updated.

Transcended Professor Reward Box

Transcended Minstrel Reward Box

Transcended Gypsy Reward Box

Transcended Mastersmith Reward Box


  • Can I level up my existing character? No. You must create one to be eligible.
  • Can the costumes be stored and traded? Can be stored, but cannot be traded.
  • Can the costumes be enchanted? Yes.
  • Can the [NFS] Gym Pass be stored? No.
  • Can the Blacksmith Blessing be traded? Yes.
  • If I leveled up 2 Mastersmith to 80, will I get 2 reward boxes? No, Just 1.
  • If I leveled 1 Mastersmith and 1 Gypsy to 80, will I get both Mastersmith and Gypsy reward boxes? Yes.

Terms & Conditions

  • Only characters created from 6 Oct, 0000hrs will qualify for the event.
  • Leveling all 6 characters enables the user to earn all 6 unique boxes.
  • An account can receive up to 6 unique boxes.
  • Baby characters are not eligible.
  • Costumes can be enchanted, stored with Kafra, but cannot be traded.
  • Rewards will be sent via Rodex within 7 days after the event end.
  • Gravity Game Hub reserves all rights to revise the content without prior notice.
  • If you encounter a problem with this event, please contact us here.