Posted on : 10/10/22

To start the quest, head over to the Merchant guild in Alberta.

Enter the bottom room and speak to Masha to start the quest.

There are three types of requests:

  • Beginner level request
  • General level request
  • Master level request

Beginner Level Request

Masha will randomly select 1 of the 5 cities for delivery request.

When accepting the quest, you can choose between Sales 1 Day Part Time Cert or Purchase 1 Day Part Time Cert.

Masha will ask you to meet with Sheep and bring back the Receipt to her.

Return to Masha to hand over the receipt, you will receive a Sale Store 1 Day Part-time or Purchase 1 Day Part-time, depending on which you choose.

Quest can be done once every 7 days.

General / Master Level Request

Masha will request you to hunt down monsters and assign you a location for delivery.

General Level Request Coordinates

Master Level Request Coordinates

After completing the kill quest, return to Sheep to hand over the receipt. Talk to Masha to receive your reward, either a Sale Store 1 Day Part-time or Purchase 1 Day Part-time, depending on which you choose.

If you want to buy more cert, select the topic "Solve problems with money"

All prices are listed according to different levels.

Talk to Ridwan to exchange three 1-Day cert part-time for one 3-Day Cert Part time.

How to use the cert

Double click the sales cert and set up your shop.

A confirmation message will be displayed if you vend an item for more than 10 million Zeny.

A 5% tax will be implemented for any item that is vend over 10 million Zeny.

After clicking “Ok”, select an empty spot for your shop.

A clone of your character will be placed on the designated spot.

A timer will display under your vending UI.

Any items unsold during the vending period will be returned via Rodex.

Any items sold during the vending period can be claimed via Rodex.


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