Posted on : 10/10/22


Nightmare Clock Tower

  • New MVP and monsters
  • New monsters cards
  • Speak to Belljamin Button to access 2nd and 3rd floors of Nightmare Clock Tower.
  • Each entry cost 10,000 Zeny

Malangdo Costumes Update

  • [Limited Edition] Costume Mermaid Wig (until Dec 2022)
  • [New] Costume Leaf Umbrella
  • [New] Costume Giant Helm
  • [New] Costume Carefree Face
  • [New] Costume Spider Seduction
  • [Removed] Costume Great Devil Wing
  • [Removed] Costume Love Cheeks
  • [Removed] Costume Red Under Rimmed Glasses
  • [Removed] Costume Very Cute Doll Hat
  • [Removed] Costume Hill Wind Mask

Consumable Synthesis Box Update

  • NPC will now sell the box for 150,000 Zeny (down from 200,000)
  • [New] Costume Earthbender
  • [New] Costume Wolf Masquerade
  • [Removed] Costume Frozen Crystal Wings
  • [Removed] Costume Waterbender

Part-time Vending System

  • Players can now set up a part-time store to sell or buy items
  • Certificate can be obtained for free through quests or purchased with Zeny
  • Tax is applicable for sales more than 10,000,000

Enchanted Stone Box Vol. 8

  • Can be obtained by using new Malangdo costumes 
  • 15 new enchant stones

Catalog Magician

  • NPC is now in alberta_in (Merchant job change building)
  • New item [Special Shopper Catalog] is now being sold for 3000z
  • Special Shopper Catalog allows a player to buy items without having to travel to the vendor
  • The original location of Catalog Magician is now a Catalog Vending Machine

Equipment Swap System

  • Players can now swap between different set of equipment
  • Function accessible through "Alt+Q"
  • 10 seconds cooldown upon changing set

New Gacha Egg

  • Stay tuned

Bug Fix

  • [Mob Scarf] Increase resistance against players by 2% is now Decrease damage taken from Players by 2%
  • [Vanargandr Helm] Descriptions for each refine levels can now be easily understood
  • Couple Ring no longer display item effects
  • October's Daily Sign In not activated will now activate on October 13th
  • Dark Blinder and Dark Blinder[1] having different descriptions have been fixed
  • Cream Soda has been renamed to Regeneration Potion
  • For certain items, description showing Medium size monsters is now Medium size enemies