Posted on : 15/02/23



1st Anniversary Party Wrecker

  • Do daily quests, up to 10 times per day to collect GGH 1st Anniversary Box and event vouchers.​​
  • Vouchers can be used to exchange for GGH Anniversary Hat and Balloons.

1st Anniversary  Hunt

  • Start the adventure with CM Miko and CM Emi and Hunt alphabets.
  • Seek out GM NPCs and be rewarded with exclusive rewards.

1st Anniversary New User Box

  • New accounts created after maintenance on 16th Feb will receive 1 Mystic Set Box, 1 Raider Set Box, and 1 Guardian Set Box.

1st Anniversary Giveaway

  • All existing and new accounts will receive exclusive Anniversary Shadow Weapon, Armor, Shield, and Shoes. Log in and claim from Rodex.​

Malangdo Costume Update

  • [New Limited] C Hopping Twin Pigtail
  • [New] Costume Romantic Rose
  • [New] Costume Wing of Heart
  • [New] Costume Cat Heart
  • [New] Costume Lovely Feeling
  • [New] Costume Blue Strong Hair
  • [Removal] Costume Released Ground

Enchanted Stone Box Vol.10

  • [New] Blue Aura Effect (Middle)
  • [New] Pink Glow Effect (Middle)
  • [New] Shadow Effect (Middle)
  • [New] Lex Aeterna Stone (Middle)
  • [New] Minor Casting Stone(Garment)
  • [New] Variable Casting Stone(Upper)
  • [New] Variable Casting Stone(Middle)
  • [New] Variable Casting Stone(Lower)
  • [New] Exp Stone(Upper)

Bug Fix

  • Fixed Kafra menu for Kafra NPC's in Nifleheim, Lutie and Byalan Island.
  • Fixed Kafra Storage not opening in some locations.
  • Fixed some buff icon descriptions.
  • Fixed description for Shield of Chaos and Sealed Turtle General Card.
  • Fixed translations for Cute Pet messages.
  • Fixed description for Cat Ear Ribbon.