Posted on : 30/03/23


Content Update

Malangdo Costume Update

  • [New Limited] Costume Starburst Loose Braids
  • [New] Costume Sakura Festival Ribbon
  • [New] Costume Blinking Purple Eyes
  • [New] Costume Sakura Coronet
  • [New] Costume Hometown Sakura
  • [New] Costume Cat Mouth
  • [Removal] C Hopping Twin Pigtail

Enchanted Stone Box Vol.11

  • [New] White Body Effect (Middle)
  • [New] Exploding Effect (Middle)
  • [New] Water Field Effect (Middle)
  • [New] Heal Stone (Lower)
  • [New] Teleport Stone (Lower)
  • [New] Steal Stone (Lower)

Genetic General Shop Update

  • New NPC - Eden Group Waitress
  • NPC is located in Eden Group kitchen
  • NPC sells genetic materials

Spring Festival

  • At the start of Spring, Prontera's trees bloom pink flowers for all to enjoy. Players can assist Arles with preparation for the Spring Flower Festival. Head over to Prontera to start the quest.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue for the item [Not for sale]Kafra Card able to be sold to NPC.
  • Fixed a text issue where incorrect SP cost was shown when placing Adoramus on a hotkey.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to access Kafra Storage 2 when using Kafra Bell.
  • Malangdo coins(A,B,C,D,E) movement has been changed. Coins can now be stored or sold to players.
  • Fixed a minor item description change to Celine's Brooch, Crown of Deceit, Magic Card Album, and [Not for sale] Mystic Powder. (no functional changes)
  • Fixed an item description change to Kafra Employe Headband. From reduce damage taken from all monsters by 5% to Reduces damage taken from all enemies by 5%.
  • Fixed an issue where Moscovia & Brasilis cards drop effect not showing.
  • Fixed text description issues found on certain cards in Moscovia & Brasilis
  • Fixed an issue where Biotata Card was not working.
  • Fixed card movement issue found on certain cards in Moscovia & Brasilis


  • End of Refine Event & Limited HD Material
  • Removal of Plant Cultivation skill
  • Free Skill Reset for Alchemist Classes (13 April - 27 April)