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There will be four WoE Sessions

Activity 1

  • Guilds that have a secured a castle in a session will win a Warlord's Hoard (up to 4).

Activity 2

  • Capturing a castel will earn the Event Points.
  • Guild with the highest Event Points will win an MVP Card.
  • Guild with the second highest Event points will win an 2 Mini Boss Card.


  • Activities 1 and 2 run simultaneously.
  • A Guild only win 1 Warlord's Hoard per session.
  • In the event where multiple guilds are tied at the highest points, these guild will win 2 Mini Boss Card each (e.g 2nd, 3rd, 4th positions are of the same score).
  • In the event where multiple guilds are tied at the 2nd highest points, these guild will win 1 Mini Boss Card each (e.g 2nd, 3rd, 4th positions are of the same score).
  • A Mini Boss Card can only be chosen once.
  • Owning multiple castles in a session will only award one Warlord's Hoard, but will still earn points.
  • All rewards will be sent to the Guild Leaders after the event han ended.
  • In the event of technical distruption, Gravity Game Hub reserves the right to cancel or postpone an event.
Vesper Card Ifrit Card
Amon Ra Card Fallen Bishop Card
Detardeurus Card Incantation Samurai Card
Dracula Card Maya Card
Drake Card Gloom Under Night Card
RSX-0806 Card Turtle General Card
Mistress Card Randgris Card
Goshtring Card Archi Card
Deviling Card Geffen Gang Card
Fei Kanabian Card Geffen Thug Card
Ipodus Card Geffen Thief Card
Rechenier Card Ordre Card
Odorico Card Blut Hase Card
Jew Card Kuro Akuma Card
Blacksmith Blessing x 100 God Material Box
Shadow Refine Hammer x 50 Class Enchant Stone Box x 10
  • During this event, if there is a major irreversible bug that seriously affects the outcome of the battle result or factor related to the event, GGH has the right to remove the guild’s qualification for the winnings and also the right to disregard the result of the battle on that day, GGH may also re-adjust the event timing and mechanics in such event.
  • If a player uses 3rd party program, changes the game client files, or anything that affects the fairness of the game and GGH confirms that it is true, GGH has the right to disqualify a guild.
  • In event where a winning character is deleted, it will be considered as giving up the winning prize.
  • In the event of unforeseen circumstances, the event may be postponed or cancelled.
  • Always refer to the latest announcement on the official website for any changes to the event detail.
  • If you have any questions during the event, please contact us through our Ragnarok Online GGH Inquiry Web Form on our official website.
  • GGH reserves the rights to modify the above event content.
  • GGH reserves the rights to qualify or disqualify a team at any instance before the start of the tournament.