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WoE Reward
TIER A Costume Hoplite Helmet 1 pcs All Guild Member
Dark Lord Card 1 pcs Guild Leader
Magic Card Album 10 pcs
Blacksmith Blessing 230 pcs
Carnium 1500 pcs
Bradium 500 pcs
TIER B Costume Hoplite Black Helmet 1 pcs All Guild Member
Magic Card Album 5 pcs Guild Leader
Blacksmith Blessing 150 pcs
Carnium 900 pcs
Bradium 300 pcs
TIER C Blacksmith Blessing 45 pcs Guild Leader
Carnium 300 pcs
Bradium 100 pcs
TIER D Blacksmith Blessing 30 pcs Guild Leader
Carnium 150 pcs
Bradium 50 pcs

Reward Condition:

  • To qualify for Tier B or Tier A Reward, a guild must hold at least 1 castle at the end of every session.
  • Wining rewards will be awarded to the guild leader. It is the responsibility of the guild leader to distribute the rewards to his/her members.
  • Player with Guild Leader position at 5 July 2022, 2300hrs shall be determined as the Guild Leader.
  • Costume will be awarded to all eligible guild members (Tier B and A only)
  • An account can only receive the costume once.
  • Only guild members who are in the guild at 5 July 2022, 2300hrs will be eligible for the costume.
  • Only the highest eligible tier reward will be awarded.
  • Bradium and Carnium will be inserted to guild leader’s Kafra Storage.
  • GGH reserves the right to make changes to these prizes at any time without prior notice.